Online Methods for Marketing Your Denver Property

man-with-tabletThe demand for real estate properties, both rentals and home for sale, is on the rise in the city of Denver. However, this does not mean that those who have invested in Denver property can just relax and make money from their properties. On the contrary, those who have invested in Denver property have the responsibility of marketing them to potential clients, both tenants and property buyers, if they want to make good money. Having said that, online marketing is among the most effective methods that investors can use to advertise their Denver property to potential buyers and tenants. Here are some of the online marketing methods that investors can use to advertise their properties in Denver.

4 Ways to Advertise Your Rental Online:

1. Use Internet Listing Sites (ILS) To Reach To Potential Renters and Buyers

The idea here is to list your property on popular free online listing sites in your area where many renters and property buyers visit frequently looking for properties to buy or rent. You can conduct a random online search for properties similar to yours in Denver to find some local listing sites where you can post your property. In a situation where there no local free listing sites in Denver, you can list your property on some of the popular sites that will appear on the top of the page after doing a random online search. This will expose your properties to many tenants and property buyers in the city.

2. Hire a Property Management Company to List the Property on Their Website

man-signing-paperThis method is very effective if the property is a rental investment. In this method, you need to recruit a reliable rental property manager in the city to supervise your properties – click here. Once you have recruited a company to supervise your property, the company lists the property on their website as a way of reaching out to potential tenants. This is a very effective way of marketing rental properties in Denver as long as you able to recruit a popular management company in the city.

3. Advertise On Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is taking over the marketing industry in the 21st century. This is because many people are using social media to interact with their friends. Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that have a very effective online marketing option that you can use to get renters and buyers for your property. All that you need is to post your property, set Denver as the targeted location, set your marketing budget and you are good to go. Remember that you can keep on changing your post from time to time as a way of making it more attractive to the targeted clients.

4. Advertise Your Property on YouTube

This is a very effective way of marketing properties online if you want to take potential buyers and renters on a virtual tour of your properties. This enables potential buyers and tenants to have a true picture of how your property looks like before coming in person to see it. All that you need is create a YouTube channel where you can upload the video of your property. Potential tenants and property buyers will find advert post of your property as they do a random search on YouTube.

How To Enhance The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

As these days markets are flooded with a large number of options, it really becomes important to make your rentals stand out of the crowd, and for the same nothing can be better than the power of curb appeal. It is the best way of drawing the attention of potential buyers and generating their interest in buying your real estate property in Atlanta. If you are looking for an Atlanta-based real estate company that can help you with this and more, see Aramis website but if you are looking to do it on your own, read on.

No one wants to buy a rental property which looks shabby or poorly maintained from outside. Improving the curb appeal of your house is not a very costly procedure. Given below are some simple tips for enhancing the curb appeal of a property in Atlanta.

6 Curb Renovation Ideas For Your Atlanta Home



Tidy up from yard and landscape

First on the list is to clean up your front yard and landscape. A poorly maintained yard keeps the buyers away from your rentals, while on the contrary, a well mowed, trimmed and well-maintained lawn can go a long way to giving a cleaner and a nice look to your house. Give equal attention to the landscaping of your garden. Make sure it does not look shabby. So trim all the weeds carefully, spruce the bushes and apply a new layer of the mulch.


Exterior architectural design: Adding a Porch

Update an existing porch or even add a porch where none exist, is an amazing update to an exterior of a rental. Porch details and design are so inviting and appealing as well, with curved peaked rooflines and columns. Also, remember to install eye-catching lighting to the updated porch.

By adding some architectural details to the exteriors of your rentals, you can really make a real estate look different from the competitors. One very good option is to go for the shutters; these can be functional or decorative. Make sure which ever option you choose, it is of good quality and does not get rusted easily.



Adding beautiful stone retaining walls, walkways, classy brick steps and any hardscape to your rentals yard will greatly boost the curb appeal of property in Atlanta.


Outdoor Lighting

The installation of outdoor lighting normally exhibits the beauty of your rental at night. Also additional landscape lighting lined on a sidewalk to the rental or even in a landscaped bed form a glow during nighttime for those drive/ walking by. Overall lighting especially gaslights on landscaping and trees can ideally enhance rentals during nighttime hours. Walk or drive by property in Atlanta at night with amazing landscape lighting and see an amazing difference.


Painting the Front Door and Exterior

Painting your front door gives a totally different dimension to the curb appeal of your rental property. Going for some bright colors which go well with the siding and trim is highly recommended. The most preferred choice here is the red, as it draws the attention and creates a focal point. Once it is painted, to give it a cleaner look, you can go for some good door hardware options. Always keep one thing in mind, your front door is the first thing that your potential buyers are going to see when they enter your rentals. Thus make sure it looks good. A new handle in a coordinating color and great finish can really give a great touch to your door.


Install mailbox or address plaques

If your rentals have any mailbox or address plaques, then make sure these are in good condition. If these are not in a very good condition, then spending some money on buying the new one for you is highly recommended. Always go for the option that coordinates well with the house exteriors. An illuminated number plaque can be a great way to give a unique look to your rentals. This also improves the rental’s safety. Similarly, you can go for the locking boxes, as these are small selling points which buyers generally appreciate.

Improving the curb appeal of your rentals is really not an expensive or difficult process. With a little time and creativity, you can make a lot of difference in the curb appeal of your rentals. If you are planning to sell your property, and want to do this quickly, then take out some time for curb appeal improvements. These improvements will surely go a long way in making it easier for you to sell your property in Atlanta faster and bring more money.

Added Bonus:

For more home renovation ideas, check out lowe’s pinterest page.

The Best Part about Being a Property Manager in Spokane

Being a property manager is one of the most profitable businesses that you can start in Spokane, make good money and accumulate wealth within a very short time. Being a real estate manager is one of the best ways you can benefit from the booming real estate market in Spokane without necessarily owning a property there. It is worth noting that you do not need an academic degree to become a real estate manager in Spokane Washington. All that you need to undertake and pass the required examinations so that you can be licensed by the local authorities and start making money. The following is the best part about being a real estate manager in Spokane Washington.

1. The Market Is Highly Profitable

Generally, any property manager in Spokane Washing can make good money as long as he/she has what it takes to deliver quality services and meet the needs and expectations of clients. The real estate management fees changed in Spokane is reasonable and business is generally good. Actually, some property managers in Spokane make up to a six figure monthly income in the form of commissions.

2. The Spokane Real Estate Market Is Highly Regulated

The good thing with the Spokane real estate management is that the industry is highly regulated and interests of all stakeholders are protected. Those planning to venture into the business of managing properties there have nothing to worry about because their rights are protected. The local authorities in Spokane are committed to protecting real estate managers in the city as a way of promoting real estate growth in the area. Finding a trustworthy manager is not a terribly difficult task. Knowing they are competent and trained managers, makes your life easier. See Here to find a  Spokane manager we recommend.

3. Landlords Are Willing To Hire Property Managers

Investors owning rental properties in Spokane are willing to hire real estate agents to take care of their investments, unlike in other in other parts of the country where some landlords choose to manage their properties by themselves. This means that it is easy for a property manager in Spokane Washington to get clients as long as he/she offers good services and has a good reputation.

4. Tenants Are Willing To Use Property Managers

It is very rare to find tenants in Spokane dealing directly with landlords whenever they are looking for a property to rent. After all, many landlords in Spokane do not live near their properties and it is not easy to find them. Many tenants in the city prefer renting properties under the care of real estate managers because they offer better services. This means more business for property managers and they are able to maximize on management fees.

5. Demand for Rental Properties Is On the Rise


Many people are now willing to relocate, live and work in Spokane. Consequently, the city’s population is increasing and the demand for housing is on the rise. However, it is worth noting that not all people living in the city can afford to buy homes. A good number of the city residents rely on rented housing for accommodation. This means that the demand for rental properties is on the rise in and the future for the property managers in the city is very bright.

6. The Market Is Not Severely Competitive

The number of property managers increases as the real estate market of a place improves. This is because property managers make money from commissions after serving as property managers on behalf of landlords. However, the Spokane real estate market is not saturated with property managers and the market is not severely competitive. There is room for more property managers and existing real estate managers do not have to struggle to get clients.

7. Managing Properties in Spokane Is Easy and Enjoyable

The type of real estate clients that you have as property manager determines whether your work will be easy or difficult. A real estate manager in Spokane Washington offers services with easy because real estate clients in the city are very cooperative. Property owners are very understanding, supportive to their managers and to not give severe and unreasonable conditions. On the other hand, cases of unruly tenants are minimal and a property manager does not have to worry about the stress of solving tenant disputes. It is also worth noting that tenants in Spokane do not have problems paying rent and managers do not have to spend their time running after rent defaulters.

Tips on Finding a Trustworthy Property Manager in Las Vegas

Studies show that Las Vegas is among the areas that were badly hit by the 2008 crisis that affected the country. Consequently, real estate investors left the area to look for greener pastures in other parts of the country. However, real estate market in Las Vegas has made a U-turn in the recent past and the area is among the places experiencing the highest real estate growth in the country. Real estate investors are now flooding the area to acquire properties before prices become too high to afford.

However, investors rushing to acquire rental properties in the area need to know that the market is yet to stabilize fully. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional property manager to manage your properties if you want to maximize returns. A good property manager should not only be able to collect rent and other deposits on your behalf, but also help you with the routine management of the investment. The following are some of the basic tips on finding a trustworthy property manager in Las Vegas to take care of your rental properties.

1. Confirm the details of their lease agreement

One of the most effective ways of finding a trustworthy property manager in Las Vegas is by confirming what potential managers tell you with the contents of their tenant lease agreement. Some of the items that you should check include the amount of a security deposit a tenant is required to pay, the monthly rent and lease terms and how the rents are handled among other tenancy related issues addressed in their lease agreement. If you notice that the details are not consistent with what the manager had told you during your discussions, then know that he/she is not a trustworthy person.

lease agreement

2. Look for the referrals

It is worth noting that every property manager in the area will tell you what you want to hear to convince you to hire him or her to manage your properties. Every property manager will brag to be the best in the area and you can easily entrust your investment to a dubious manager if you are not careful. However, you can get rid of your doubts by looking for referrals to confirm what is true and what is false before interviewing your potential property managers. You can compare the information obtained from the referrals with what the manager tells you to confirm if they are trustworthy or not. If you’re interested in reading more about how to look for the referrals you can read this article

3. Note and stick to your first impression with different candidates

The first impression never lies. It is, therefore, important to note the first impression you get when interviewing potential property managers. If you notice some cunning behavior during your initial discussions with your potential property manager, then do not expect anything different later. Make sure you have met all your potential managers in persons and note the first impression that you get from them to conclude who is the most trustworthy among all candidates.

4. Look at a representative sample of the properties they are managing

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a trustworthy property manager in Las Vegas based on what they tell you during the interview or using the information you obtain from the referrals. It is, therefore, important to look at a representative sample of the properties they are managing in order to confirm whether their services meets your expectations. You can ask for the addresses of some of the properties under their care, go there in person, and confirm whether the properties are in good shape. You can also compare what you see with what the manager told you during the interview to determine whether he/she is trustworthy or not.

5. Consider the management fees charged

You can use the management fees charged to determine whether a manager is trustworthy or not. Confirm if the management fees are reasonable compared to what is charged by other managers in the area and the services rendered. In many cases, management fees should range between 7 to 10 percent of the monthly rent collected. If the fees are extremely high or extremely low you should have your doubts about the honesty of that manager. The presence of hidden charges, other than the management fees, is a clear indication that the manager in question is not trustworthy.

How to Keep a Good Relationship with Your Atlanta Property Management Company

Hiring Atlanta property Management Company to look after your rental property investment does not guarantee you that your property will be managed well. It is very important to establish and maintain a good relationship with the company managing your properties for you to enjoy excellent services. This is a very effective way of developing a strong trust and bond between you and your property manager so that he or she can serve you better.

The biggest challenge for many real estate investors is how to keep a good relationship with their property management companies. Well, if you have hired a property management company in Atlanta to look after your real estate investments, the following are some of the basic tips on how you can keep a good relationship with your Atlanta property management company in order to build a mutually successful partnership.

1. Make sure you have hired a reliable property management company

It can be very difficult to keep a good relationship with your property management company if the company is not a reliable one. Remember that good relationship is two-way traffic and the company that you have hired to manage your properties should be reliable enough to win your trust. It is, therefore, important to do your homework well and make sure you have hired a reliable and qualified property manager to take care of your investment. Remember that every property management company out there will tell you what you want to hear and it is very important to do your own research before listening to their stories.

atlanta property management

2. Have clearly defined roles and responsibilities

One of the main causes of a bad relationship between property owners and property managers is the lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities. It is there important to state clearly what the property management company should expect from you, and what you should expect from them to avoid a situation where you end up blaming one another. You need to look for a property management company that will keep its promises. Similarly, you also need to read and understand the management agreement and make sure you can as well keep your promises to your property manager. If something is not clear, it is important to discuss and agree on all items before signing any papers. Remember that having clearly defined roles and responsibilities is the foundation of a good relationship and partnership with your property management company.

3. Maintain good communication

Communication is very important in any relationship. As an investor, you need to make sure there is an effective exchange of information between you and your property manager. It is important to agree on a realistic communication method and schedule between you and your property manager to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. You need to state the methods of communication to use and always keep in touch so that every party can be assured that all is well. It is not mandatory that you meet face to face with your property manager. Make sure you have identified a communication method that satisfies both of you.

atlanta network

4. Be flexible and expect some risk

Property management is quite hectic and as an investor, you should be flexible and expect some risk. Many real estate investors have very high expectations and demand to be met by their property managers, even when they know some of the expectations are unattainable. It is, therefore, important to be flexible and expect some risk if you want to keep a good relationship with your property management company. You need to acknowledge that although hiring a competent property manager to take care of your real estate investment can help you to avoid numerous financial risks, some risks cannot be foreseen. It is good to be flexible where necessary and does not allow small issues to ruin your relationship with your property manager.

5. Commit yourself to one trustworthy property management company

Good relationship and trust take time to build. It is, therefore, important to commit yourself to one trustworthy property management company if you want to keep your relationship. Once you have chosen a good company that you have confidence in, it is important to commit yourself to it. Remember that the longer you commit yourself to one property management company the stronger the relationship. Avoid as much as you can switching roles between you and your property manager because doing so can affect your relationship.

Tips on Hiring a Seattle Property Manager

Real estate market in the country is reviving and every investor is talking about acquiring proprieties and more properties. The economy of the country is also improving and more people can now afford to buy homes and those not willing to buy are able to rent decent housing. Let us look at the real estate market in Seattle, where the real estate was least affected by the 2008 crisis experienced many parts of the country. Demand for rental properties is very high in the area and rental rates are revised upward year after year. There is no doubt that rental properties are among the most profitable real estate properties in the region.

However, investors in the area should hire a Seattle property management expert to look after their properties if they want to maximize their returns. Studies show that rental properties managed by professional managers in the area more profitable than those managed by the owners themselves. Well, if you own some rental property in the area and you have been managing it by yourself, then you should consider hiring a property manager to take care of your investment if you want to increase its profitability. However, you need to be very careful when hiring Seattle property management because not everyone out there is a good property manager. The following are the basic tips on hiring a settle property manager that can help you choose wisely.

1. The property manager should be registered and certified

The Seattle housing and local authorities are very strict when it comes to real estate management and no one is allowed to operate as a property manager without being licensed, after undertaking and passing the required exams on real estate management matters. You need to actually check and confirm that the property manager you want to hire is registered and licensed by the local authorities. That way, you will be able to avoid getting into trouble with the law enforcers and you are sure your properties are in the safe hands.

2. The manager should have excellent communication skills

Once you have hired a property manager to look after your investment in the area, you no longer have a direct link with your properties and tenants. The property manager serves as the new link and you rely on the information your manager gives you to know about your investment. It is, therefore, important to make sure you have hired a property manager with excellent communication skills so that he/she can give you timely updates about your investment and the well-being of your tenants. The property manager should be able to communicate well with your tenants and understand their issues. No investor needs a property manager who is a bad communicator or the one who will never send you monthly reports about your investment unless you have called him or her.

seattle property manager

3. The manager should be honest and reliable

A good property manager is the one that you can trust and rely on as far as management of your investment is concerned. In many cases, investors owning rental properties in Seattle do not live near their investments. It is, therefore, important to make sure you have hired a reliable and honest property manager to look after your investment if you want to get accurate updates about your investment. This is very important if you live outside the area or you have other commitments and you cannot manage to keep checking your investment on a regular basis. It can be very disastrous if hire a property manager who will be taking advantage of your absence to tell you lies about your properties.

4. Good understanding of the local real estate market

It is very important to make sure the property manager you are hiring to look after your investment in Seattle understands how the local market works. Rental properties in the area are very expensive and tenants expect outstanding services and total value for their money. The housing and local authorities have also established stringent rules and regulations to protect the interests and rights of tenants and property owners in the area. A good property manager should be very conversant with these rules.

seattle property management

5. Should have good property marketing skills

Real estate management in Seattle is very competitive and a good property manager should be able to reach out for possible tenants and convince them to occupy your properties. It is, therefore, important to interview several property managers in the area and pick the one with the most effective marketing strategies to avoid high vacancy rates in your properties.